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A well-known name Dr. Dhirendra Singh Kushwah as an ENT surgeon now in Delhi NCR, having years of experience in the same field.

Dr. Dhirendra Singh Kushwah is an expert ENT specialist and otorhinolaryngologist with 25 years of experience. He completed his MBBS from Jiwaji University, Gwalior in 1999, and his MS from Rani Durgawati University, Jabalpur in 2005. Dr. Kushwah is fluent in both English and Hindi and is known for providing compassionate care to ensure the complete recovery of his patients. He is highly commended for his caring nature, hard-working attitude, and dedication to his patients, available at any time of day or night.

Dr. Kushwah treats a wide range of conditions, including ear wax removal, acute and chronic otitis media, otosclerosis, acute and chronic rhinosinusitis, nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum (DNS), allergic rhinitis, acute and chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis, adenoiditis, vocal nodules, laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR), thyroid disorders, parotid and submandibular gland issues, lymphadenitis, neck abscesses, sinus problems, stapedectomy, ear lobule issues, eardrum problems, otomycosis, otitis externa, tinnitus, giddiness, and other related diseases. He is registered with the Indian Medical Registry under license number 42864 and is committed to providing advanced medical care in a comfortable and holistic environment.

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Dr. Dhirendra Singh Kushwah MBBS , MS | ENT Specialist
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Best ENT Treatment In Delhi NCR

Here you can find the treatments in which Dr. Dhirendra Singh Kushwah has the specialities. He have been doing these treatments from last 2 decades.

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Best ENT treatment In Delhi-NCR

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Dr Dhirendra is easily accessible and generally can see you the same day or provides initial advice on a telephonic consultation. He believes in the holistic model of care based on taking responsibility for the patient as a whole.
In addition to learning about his patients' symptoms, Dr Dhirendra appreciates learning about their social and family issues.

25 Years

He is an otorhinolaryngologist/ENT who has been serving patients for over 25 years now. He specializes in Pain free Pack-less surgery, Nasal surgery, Septoplasty, Cochlear Implant, Skull based surgery, ear surgery, head and neck surgery and various other surgeries which have garnered him a reputation in his profession.


With a dedication to excellence in everything we do, our objective is to enhance the health and welfare of our patients. In order to achieve this, we will offer excellent, compassionate treatment as well as convenient, approachable service. Exceptional medical care, exemplary service, and the pursuit of greatness are the values that have guided him in his entire career as a doctor.

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We have had tremendous growth and success over the years, and we strive to uphold and enhance our close-knit, individualised approach to our cherished doctor-patient relationships. Our administrative and support staff members have been carefully chosen for their expertise, experience, and knowledge to deliver the best service in the healthcare industry.

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